Supporting Web3 Builders and Developers Alongside NoNode

Yield Monitor, NoNode Partnership Announcement


NoNode is offering dedicated, custom infra solutions to small teams and solo developers building in Web3. They’ll leverage Yield Monitor’s highly effective and scalable tech to support small projects as they build their tech and go to market.

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We’re pleased to share that Yield Monitor’s custom blockchain indexing and aggregation infrastructure will support NoNode and their vision to offer accessible, scalable building tools and solutions to boost the Web2-Web3 developer pipeline.

Yield Monitor, a small but powerful team, has laid the groundwork for a highly flexible, RESTful API that drastically reduces efforts for small teams and solo developers with limited Web3 experience. By supporting NoNode, dedicated efforts to ease Web2 developers’ transition into, and effectiveness within, DeFi development can be expanded, streamlined, and enhanced.

This brings many benefits to networks and specific ecosystems, including:

    • faster Web2 developer onboarding and education
    • lower barriers to entry, specifically:
      1. reduction of costs and overhead for small teams
      2. removal of technical lag time during building
        • subsequent reduction and avoidance of technical debt
      3. reduction of team size requirements for protocols
      4. faster time to market
    • reduction of user friction and frustration when interacting with applications
    • increase in sustainable infrastructure and data aggregation practices

Yield Monitor’s collaboration with NoNode can drastically improve the ease at which developers enter DeFi — offering immediate value to emerging ecosystems and, more importantly, offering global developers with limited resources or bandwidth (or both) a faster pipeline to exploring, ideating, developing, and deploying on-chain products that bring opportunity to blockchain users at global scale.

How it Works

Through customized foundational infrastructure, NoNode will leverage Yield Monitor’s indexing and aggregating stack to offer customized, à la carte solutions that meet developer and team’s unique needs based on their product, roadmap, go-to-market strategies, and long-term vision.

Learn more about Yield Monitor’s infrastructure here.

With a dedicated focus on supporting developers, NoNode can leverage Yield Monitor’s existing efforts in infrastructure to create a bigger impact with small teams, faster.

The NoNode Yield Monitor relationship.

Benefits for Users — the Ultimate Focus

Through expedited development, sustainable infrastructure models, and flexible tech stacks, emerging developers can focus more on the user experience and the value of their products; drastically reducing the costs of infrastructure, the headaches in managing data pipelines, and the labor often involved in data aggregation and off-chain computation.

Developers can engage with Yield Monitor or NoNode as they desire: the benefits and utility are guided by the same principles — helping developers succeed so their users can thrive.

The Shared Ethos

Yield Monitor and NoNode’s aligned vision for accessible data and reduced developer friction can drive a better experience for emerging Web3 teams and, subsequently, happier, more successful Web3 participants.

Giving developers and their users access to on-chain data and asset computation will:

    • strengthen the relationships between protocols and their communities
    • create more clarity and context within DeFi ecosystems and participants
    • offer more value and utility to builders by reducing barriers to entry
    • help small teams focus on users and product, not back-end infra

Solo developers and small teams shouldn’t be burdened with high costs or technical barriers to get the data they need to build amazing products. Additionally, DeFi users and investors need tools that aggregate significant amounts of data in reliable ways at scale.

Accelerating the Web3 Developer Pipeline

Here’s how Yield Monitor supports DeFi developers and users.

While Yield Monitor is focused on both sides of the market, NoNode’s dedication to the developer experience can compound the benefits of both offerings; helping more developers, faster, with a dedicated focus on the Web2-Web3 developer pipeline.

NoNode plans to offer customized solutions to teams based on their unique needs. As they grow, a flexible builder dashboard will help solo builders and teams customize and automate the data they receive via their endpoints.

Follow NoNode’s progress and development on Twitter.

NoNode alpha release ideation visual.

Having focused exclusively in data aggregation, scalability, smart contract integrations, and asset/performance computation within DeFi markets, Yield Monitor presents teams with a valuable opportunity to avoid pitfalls and roadblocks often experienced by new developers that lack engineering backgrounds or past experience with growing products at scale.

We’ve been trying to build this, and we keep failing. I have to say, it’s really impressive what you’ve done. [On-chain] data is very complex. This will save us a lot of trouble.

NoNode’s bespoke developer support will leverage Yield Monitor’s tech and experience within the DeFi arena; grouping efforts and advancing the positive outcomes that teams and solo developers can experience when leveraging customized solutions to build their products.

To learn more about NoNode and track their progress, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

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