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Product Roadmap

Our development goals evolve as much as the crypto market, but our guiding principles remain the same: honest, intelligent, useful data and charting tools for DeFi investors and project developers.

July, 2021 Objectives

Remove Farmless LPs

Polygon (POLY) Mainnet Integration

Avalanche (AVAX) Mainnet Integration

Basic Wallet Connect Functionality

July DeFi / LP Integrations

August, 2021 Objectives

Fantom (FTM) Mainnet Integration

Clarify APR/Y Listings & Values

Front-End Wallet Alpha Deployment

Internal UX/UI Audit of MVP

Publish Initial User Guidelines / Documentation

September, 2021 Objectives

September DeFi / LP Integrations

Tackle Backlog, Expand User Guidelines

Explore Multi-Dex Swap Function / Legal

Explore Algorand, Waves Mainnet Integration

Ethereum (ETH) Mainnet Integration

Binance (BSC) Mainnet Integration

October, 2021 Objectives

Finish Legal Documents, Business Creation

Deploy DeFi Monitor Tech

Foundational Intelligent Swap / Router Planning

Apply for Blockchain Grants (FTM, AVAX, ALGO, BSC)

Explore Waves, HECO, OEC Mainnet Integations

October DeFi / LP Integrations

November, 2021 Objectives

Explore Smart Contract Risk Assessment Docs

Explore Harmony, Cosmos Mainnet Integrations

Explore Solana & Cardano Mainnet Integrations

Explore Multi-Dex Swap Function / Legal

Complete Private Seed-Round Investment Fundraise

Scale B2B Database Offering for Developers

December, 2021 Objectives

Explore Tezos, Polkadot Mainnet Integrations

Tackle Backlog Design Updates

Tackle Backlog DeFi / LP Integrations

Scale Team & Developer Support

Finish 2022 Integration & Feature Roadmap v1

Plan 2022 Marketing & Growth Objectives

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