How to Track Wallet Addresses in Yield Monitor

Adding Wallet Address to Yield Monitor

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If you’re new to Yield Monitor, you’ll notice our asset tracking and performance metrics for thousands of assets across popular networks and protocols. Additionally, you can add your own wallet addresses — or an address of someone you want to track — in your portfolio dashboard. See how to add your wallet address in a few simple clicks and build a more balanced, data-driven DeFi portfolio.

Yield Monitor Portfolio Charts Sample

Step 1 — Sign in to your account.

Access your account by entering your email address and password in our Login Page ( Note: we are actively building the ability for users to create accounts and pay via crypto wallet (no email or password).

Signing in to Yield Monitor Account

Step 2 — Option A — Track a new wallet address.

Once you’re logged into your account, hover over Portfolio, and click the Wallet option in the top navigation bar. You’ll be able to enter a new wallet address, or select from an existing wallet address, on the next screen.

To track a new wallet, click Manage Wallets. You can add a new wallet address here. Once added, click the “Add Wallet” button to begin tracking.

Adding Wallet Address to Yield Monitor Account

Step 3 — Option B — Select an existing tracked wallet address.

Yield Monitor will remember existing or previously tracked addresses for you. If you’ve already added an address, simply select it from the dropdown menu.

Note: We will offer the ability to delete or remove a previously tracked wallet from your account.

Adding Wallet Address to Yield Monitor Account

Step 4 — Option B — Once selected, click “View Wallet” to track assets.

After you’ve selected an address, click “View Wallet” to track the assets. If you notice an asset or protocol is missing, please let us know so we can update our integrations accordingly.

Adding Wallet Address to Yield Monitor Account

A look ahead: expanded Account Preferences features.

We look forward to adding more features and automated communication tools in an expanded Account Preferences page. Users will be able to adjust automated messages and email alerts based on their security and investment preferences. Have an idea? Let us know — send us a message about it.

We’re grateful to have you with us.

Account Preferences: Preview of Future Layout

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