How to Create a Yield Monitor Account

Yield Monitor Application Design Samples

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Juggling various memberships and DeFi tools can be a hassle — we’re doing our best to make it easy. Leverage our massive DeFi database and growing asset tracking toolkit to chart asset performance, find new opportunity, and make strategic, timely investment decisions. Start using Yield Monitor in a few clicks, and visualize your portfolio.

Signing in to Yield Monitor Account

Step 1 — Create your account via email and password.

Yield Monitor is free for all DeFi users. Simply add your email and create a password. For extra privacy, we suggest using an email address that isn’t your name. From there, simply add a wallet address and save it to your account. Simple!

Adding Wallet Address to Yield Monitor Account

Step 2 — Confirm your email.

Your account will be created. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your email address, and one shortly after welcoming you to Yield Monitor when it’s ready (usually within a few moments).

You’ll have immediate access to all Yield Monitor tools and portfolio tracking features. You’ll begin to receive emails with onboarding guides, product explanations, and a growing library of well-crafted DeFi content.

Yield Monitor New User Welcome Emails

Step 3 — Track your portfolio and expand your DeFi perspective.

Each week, you’ll get an email taking you a step further into Yield Monitor tools. But you don’t have to wait to learn – you can start tracking assets immediately, or read our documentation to get a full outline of existing tools, and our product vision, right after you sign up.

Yield Monitor Expanded Liquidity Pool Details Page Sample

Step 4 — Join our community, follow us, and help spread DeFi clarity.

We’ll stay in touch with you via email, social media, and our Discord group when we deploy new features. You’ll get access to new content as it’s published, too. We’re a small team, so we’re extremely grateful for all of our users — you have a direct impact in helping us grow and expand our tools for all DeFi investors.

We’re grateful to have you with us.

Yield Monitor User Onboarding Email Samples

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