Our custom API for DeFi developers is live.

Fast . Automated . On-Chain

Become a
cross-chain DeFi powerhouse in a few clicks.

Fast . Intelligent . Multichain

Automated, scalable, on-chain data in a single-call API.

A truly flexible, cross-chain oracle solution.

Financial protocols can leverage Yield Monitor to build automated, data-driven DeFi products that scale. DeFi teams can improve UX, advance user analytics, and offer new investment products through our RESTful API.

One Call — Thousands of Data Points

Multi-chain DeFi in a few clicks.

Multi-chain DeFi in a single API call.

Providing on-chain data at scale is daunting. Our API makes it easy.

Full Historical Data

Add value to your users with historical asset data, order books, volume, and other customizable on-chain asset data upon request.

Advanced Routing

Leverage Yield Monitor’s database to build, test, and deploy advanced cross-chain applications that incorporate multiple DeFi protocols.

Expanding Networks

Leverage on-chain data from 5 mainnets, 50+ active DeFi protocols, thousands of tracked assets, liquidity pools, yield farms, etc.

A Suite of Use Cases

Scalable data opens doors: from DeFi investment opportunities and price feeds, to analytics dashboards and automated investment tools.

Algorand will become Yield Monitor’s sixth integrated mainnet.

Well-built infrastructure means a better, faster user experience.

Developer Friendly

We’re a developer-driven, data-first company. Have a developer in your team? They can be deploying data-driven products in seconds.

Soon: Price Predictions

We’re combining on-chain price data, trade volume, order books and other metrics to build algorithms that anticipate price movements.

A Truly Custom Blockchain Database

Delight customers with speed, scalability, accurate data, and investment diversification.


Liquidity Pools

Leverage limitless asset data from dozens of multi-chain DeFi protocols from a single API call.


Yield Farms

Give users access to popular cross-chain yield farming, from Pancake Swap to Trader Joe.


Lending Protocols

Integrate DeFi’s trusted projects: Curve, AAVE, Yearn, etc. across AVAX, BNB, ETH, FTM, and POLY.

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