Deployed: Trade Routing via ParaSwap

Yield Monitor ParaSwap Integration


Yield Monitor has integrated ParaSwap’s API to offer industry-leading trading and asset swap infrastructure to users. Yield Monitor will take no additional fee, extending our commitment to building free, powerful, accessible DeFi tooling for all Web3 users.

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Yield Monitor’s growing suite of DeFi and data processing tools just got a lot more valuable. Users can now trade assets directly within Yield Monitor, thanks to ParaSwap’s API integration.

Using ParaSwap’s industry-leading tools, DeFi investors and portfolio trackers can enjoy Yield Monitor’s free, advanced data and asset performance tracking to strategically manage their portfolios and now, via ParaSwap, trade the assets in a fast, smooth process from one location.

Yield Monitor now offers asset trading via ParaSwap.

Supported Chains

Currently, trading is available across Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon — with Arbitrum and Optimism integrations planned. Yield Monitor will need to integrate ARB and OP mainnets before users can trade via ParaSwap.

Yield Monitor will take no additional fee for trades — continuing our promise of making advanced, powerful DeFi data and analytics free and accessible for all users — including those with limited funds and bandwidth connections.

Yield Monitor ParaSwap Integration

How to Access the Trading Feature

Accessing this feature is easy — simply open the trade screen within Yield Monitor. Not a Yield Monitor user? No problem. You can sign up in seconds using your email or simply connect a wallet to start tracking your portfolio — it’s free.

How to connect to Yield Monitor tooling.

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Learn more about Yield Monitor’s existing features, like Expanded Details, asset tracking, impermanent loss calculations, and more.

See what’s ahead: test-drive the advanced prototype and discover how our standalone, scalable, sustainable infrastructure can power a suite of tools.

Want to learn more about Yield Monitor’s approach to infrastructure? Learn more here. More context is being planned. Building in DeFi, or interested in highly scalable, sustainable blockchain infrastructure? Learn about our value here.

For Extra Clarity

Yield Monitor offers portfolio tracking and advanced performance metrics. If you trade within Yield Monitor, you are directly using ParaSwap’s own, independent infrastructure. As always, we encourage you to read the Terms of Service and Documentation of any tool you are using. You can find ParaSwap’s information here:


You, the DeFi user, are responsible for following all applicable laws and regulations based on your own jurisdiction.

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