Case Study

One Ring uses Yield Monitor to deploy data-driven automated DeFi investments.

January, 2022

About One Ring

One Ring offers DeFi investors stablecoin strategies that use data-driven automation to maximize return in staking, lending, and yield-farming protocols. One Ring’s investment offerings launched in early 2022 and are initially offered across the Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon blockchains.

The Problem

One Ring is building value for DeFi investors on a number of fronts. Building a scalable, automated database on their own is not a sustainable, cost-effective option for the team.

The Challenge

Existing industry tools are not adequate: decentralized options are too slow and not always dependable. Other options are cost prohibitive and offer incomplete tooling.

The Opportunity

Yield Monitor offers a fully customizable API. Additional tooling will help One Ring create a bespoke, rapid, dependable source of on-chain price data for One Ring’s investment products.

The Solution

One Ring leverages Yield Monitor’s multi-chain database and customizable API to secure accurate Lending, LP, and Yield Farm price data. The team can focus on scaling the product.

One Call — Thousands of Data Points

Yield Monitor works right out of the box.

Our scalable database feeds on-chain asset analytics directly to DeFi platforms to keep financial products running smoothly and accurately at warp speed.