Go Multi-Chain With Our Developer API

We index blockchain and DeFi asset data so Web3 users can scale,build,profit,track,thrive,learn,grow,profit .

For DeFi Investors

A growing suite of portfolio tooling.

Multi-chain asset, LP, and yield farm charting tools, with pending rewards data, advanced trade routing, and automated investment features on the way.

For DeFi Investors

Highly advanced DeFi trade routing.

Every integration adds thousands of data points to our multi-chain infrastructure. Soon, users can leverage this on-chain data to make the best trades possible.

Automated . Intelligent . Scalable

A scalable on-chain database means opportunity for investors and developers.


Liquidity Pools

Our database tracks thousands of assets from dozens of leading multi-chain DeFi protocols.


Yield Farms

On-chain data, prices, and rewards from the likes of Pancake Swap, Trader Joe, and Spooky Swap.


Lending Protocols

Track DeFi’s trusted lending tools: Curve, AAVE, Yearn, etc. across AVAX, BNB, ETH, FTM, and POLY.

For Developers & Teams

One single call offers limitless chain data.

Oracle solutions sometimes offer partial, incomplete data to builders. This hurts UX and keeps products from scaling. We’re fixing this with a single API call.

For Developers & Teams

Multi-chain. Scalable. Powerful. Flexible.

Our custom, multi-threaded database keeps on-chain data indexing and advanced computation moving at warp speed. Go cross-chain in a few clicks.

Build DeFi products with on-chain data that scales.

For Institutions & Funds

Track assets across multiple wallets.

Our multi-chain database lets funds track wallets across DeFi ecosystems: single assets, liquidity pools, yield farms, and lending data from one location.

For Institutions & Funds

Spot opportunity in real time with data.

Our scalable tooling allows funds to stay vigilant of their investments and market-wide DeFi activity with constant trade volume, order book, and APY data.

We index the entire blockchain.

You build,track,scale,query,create,trade,grow,connect whatever you want.

Teams like One Ring rely on Yield Monitor to build automated, data-driven financial products.
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