Scalable, intelligent, automated DeFi data.

Multi-chain asset data for developers,investors,builders,entrepreneurs,strategists,advisors,traders,

Automation and scalability make DeFi more accessible.

Investors and teams thrive when data is accurate and clear.

DeFi platforms put the information effort on the user — but there’s simply too much data for a normal web browser to process. Yield Monitor’s high-powered database feeds on-chain data directly to users and DeFi platforms to keep financial products running smoothly and accurately.

Investors can visualize LP performance in seconds.

Use on-chain data to maximize profits.

  • Enjoy Accurate LP & Yield Farm Charting
  • Track Individual LP & Single Asset Prices
  • Compare Investment Values Against $USD
  • Aggregate Your Cross-Chain DeFi Positions
  • Discover New, High-Performing Opportunities

Founded & launched July, 2021.

Building the multi-chain future of scalable DeFi databases.

Yield Monitor’s integration ambitions are aggressive, but achievable. Currently, the platform offers five mainnets and over 50 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) integrations — all connected via smart contracts, providing on-chain data for users and developers in various ecosystems.

A multi-chain DeFi dashboard for instant LP performance tracking.

Secure, efficient, real-time yield performance data.

We’re adding these top-tier blockchains to our product.

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